So What is Unschooling?


Unschooling means that each of us learn in our own way and time, the things that we love. This varies so much from each individual and family,
that it's hard to say "unschooling looks like this", because it will look different in each house or person as they joyfuly pursue their passions.

But the underlying philosophy is one and the same; humans learn best when the learning takes place because of an internal motivation. External controls like rewards (grades) and punishments do nothing to assist the learning process, they only damage it.
Some of us came out of institutionalized schooling without passion, without joy or curiosity.

We learned how to jump through their hoops and that's
about it. Unschoolers have reclaimed that joy of learning, in hopes of protecting our children from that mind numbing government experiment...

oops,... I mean experience 😉

Learning happens because humans are born to learn. That instinct is so strong, it can not be shut off easily (lots of schooling and coercion will do it though).

My children learn in peace and joy, without the impending doom of grades or materials they aren't interested in, without lack of sleep and heaps of shame loaded onto their interests or abilities.

They learn because they've always learned, from the moment they were born. They connect bits of information to everything in the world, slowly making a model of their universe.
They learn with excitement, they learn amazingly, efficiently and
naturally.....the process never ceases to astound me.

Each life is unique. Each human's journey is an adventure meant for them to navigate in their special way. School can not provide the information or knowledge meant for an individual journey. The only way to truly support our child's interests, all of them, and honor the child completely with respect, is to embrace unschooling.

Maybe that sounds a bit simplistic, or evangalistic, but I believe it or I wouldn't be speaking and writing on this topic so much!