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Thesis and dissertation- All you need to know about!

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A thesis is a kind of academic writing written by the students for a professional degree. on the other hand, the dissertation is written to get an advanced doctoral degree or degree within a half semester. There is not a big difference between a thesis and a dissertation. If you noticed in running sessions, these kinds of academic writings would give after doing research. No matter on which date you get an assignment of writing a thesis and dissertation.

One needs to make it creative as much as possible in order to earn a professional degree. If you are the one who didn’t have more knowledge about these statements, then stay focused on mention things. It will help you to achieve goals efficiently and quickly.

How long a dissertation and thesis should be?

If we talk about thesis, then it should be more than 100 pages to get a degree. on the other side when we speak about dissertation, it should be minimum of 100-150 pages for an advanced professional degree. Don’t forget to learn college laws, regulation, and rules regarding these pieces of academic writings. Such colleges have different rules to make a thesis and dissertation minimum of 200 pages.


Indented the outline of both papers are the same, means there is not a big difference between both academic writings.

  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Discussions/findings
  • Conclusion

On the other hand, when it comes to cover the starting and ending pages, a user needs to mention all correct besides useful information like: –

The title pages

It is the first page of both writings, which contains valuable information on all the research. In this page, a user needs to mention his/her full name, title, name of department as well as faculty, university names, and instructional program.

The abstract

Try to make this part as effective as possible because sometimes readers read the abstract and define whether it is effective or not. It is a short informative summary that describes the problems, research methods, and other main parts of the argument. Try to make it simple and straightforward so that others can easily read it to offer proper ratings. If we talk about what is the actual length of abstract for thesis and dissertation is 300 words besides 500 words.


It is considered a matter of choice in which a user needs to thanks those users or methods which helps to make a thesis and dissertation effective. A large part of the thesis or dissertation should not be completed while thanking institutions, also individuals. It is the traditional way to thank your supervisors and promoters with the help of acknowledgment.

Table of contents

No doubt it shows all the titles, headings with subheadings of entire dissertation or thesis. Also, one needs it to mention the page numbers so that other users can find the main topic. Readers don’t need to waste more time while finding useful information.


The last part of the thesis and dissertation, where a user needs to mention all the sources- primary or secondary data sources. In other words, you need to write all the sources links and name.